The Artist

John Roscigno is a self taught intuitive artist who specializes in combining elements of color, texture and movement within his pieces as a form of visual self expression. The works are improvisational at the core. They are not abstract in the true sense of the word; there is no attempt to represent concrete subject matter in an abstract way. The works are meant to be an inner manifestation of one person’s attempt to express emotion and beauty through paint in an effort to offset the harshness of a world crudely interrupted by man’s concrete and steel structures.   

John has enjoyed a successful career as an orchestral conductor and music professor which has had a strong impact on the way in which he presents color, texture and movement on canvas and paper.  Over the past three years he has completed over 400 acrylic and mixed media works.He holds a doctorate in orchestral conducting with a minor in art history from the University of Arizona with additional music degrees from University of Illinois and Arizona.  He is currently chair of the department of music at California State University, Northridge. John comes from a family of artists and is originally from the Bronx, New York.